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Welcome to the Princeton Research Data Service

Established in 2019, we provide Princeton’s diverse research community with expert services and infrastructure to store, manage, retain, and curate digital research data, and to make their digital research data available to the broader network of academic researchers, as well as the general public. We provide consultations, training, and data curation services to researchers throughout the life cycle of research projects, working with them to make the process of data management and storage as seamless as possible with their current research practices.

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Logos for the Qualitative DMP Competition organizers: QDR, DMPTool, and PRDS

Qualitative Data Management Plan (DMP) Competition

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Code Ocean

Code Ocean is an online resource for researchers using computational approaches in their work. You can use it to share code publicly as well as share code privately with research collaborators. The key feature of Code Ocean is that it uses containerization to package the code,… Learn more

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