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All new submitters, please use Princeton Data Commons. 

About Princeton's Research Data Repository

Our multidisciplinary digital repository offers expert curation services and is designed to archive and publicly disseminate data and code that are the result of research activities by Princeton University's research community.

What's new?

The Princeton research data repository has a front-end, called Princeton Data Commons: Discovery and a new deposit system called Princeton Data Commons: Describe. This is an early release of our evolving describe layer, and we are welcoming feedback from everyone. Please email us at with any questions, comments, or feedback.


Why does Princeton University have an online data repository?

Princeton University is committed to supporting research that has the potential to benefit humanity at large. Very often, research conducted by members of the Princeton community is publicly funded and therefore entails an explicit responsibility to share the products of the research openly with taxpayers. Some academic journals have data policies requiring that the evidence backing submitted research papers be posted online for peer review and public scrutiny. An increasing number of Princeton researchers also embrace the principles of open research in general, committing to share their data and/or code for the sake of transparency, accountability, and the democratization of knowledge, regardless of whether their funders and publishers require it. This repository exists to support long-term archiving and open dissemination of any digital research product from the Princeton community, meeting funder and publisher policies, as well as open research principles.


Who has access to items in the repository?

Anyone can browse, download, and investigate the items, free of charge. Many, if not most, of these items have an intended audience of specialists in a given field of research, and users should be cautioned that individual contributors typically retain copyrights to their research works, so permissions may be required for some forms of use and re-use, depending on the item.


Who manages Princeton's Research Data Repository?

Data are curated and published by the Princeton Research Data Service (PRDS), with technical and infrastructure support from information technology staff at the Princeton University Library. PRDS curators review submissions with an eye toward discoverability, reusability, and long-term preservation - without partiality to the subject matter or findings of the research.

For general questions related to the repository, please contact the curators at

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About the Princeton Data Commons (PDC) project

The Princeton Data Commons is a project to create an ecosystem of online resources and tools to support and advance storing, preserving, managing, sharing, and curating digital research data. Princeton Data Commons - Discovery and Describe are applications in this new ecosystem. 

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