Research Data Stewardship Program

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The Research Data Stewardship Program (RDSP) is an annual training program to provide early-career researchers with the knowledge and skills to be effective data stewards.

This Spring semester annual program focuses on training, promotion and advocacy for reproducible research, good research data management practices and planning, and FAIR data principles. Topics include data management planning, data storage and security, documentation, and preservation for all disciplines and types of research. Feel empowered to be champions for open research!


Engage in weekly sessions throughout the Spring semester:


  • Weekly talks from research data management experts

Hands-on Lab sessions

  • Apply the principles to your research
  • Explore resources

"Meet the Experts" Week

  • Talks from experts across campus

        Benefits of participating:

        • Learn to manage your data effectively
        • Connect with and learn from other people interested in data stewardship from all over campus
        • Increase the impact of your research by knowing how to effectively showcase your data
        • Expand and develop transferable research data skills
        • Receive a virtual binder of program resources via the Open Science Framework
        • Be invited to annual program events and to become a Data Mentor for future program years

        Spring 2023 Program Topics

          Unit    Key Topic(s)   Lecture Time   Lab Times
        Orientation   Tue 1/31, 11am-12pm  

        Unit 1

          Introduction; Data Management Planning   

        Tue 2/7, 11am-12pm

        Tue 2/14, 11am-12pm  

        Unit 2

          Data Storage

        Tue 2/21, 11am-12pm

        Tue 2/28, 11am-12pm  

        Experts Week

          Talks from experts across campus

        March 6th-10th


        Unit 3

          Legal and Ethical Considerations   

        Tue 3/21, 11am-12pm


        Unit 4

          Organizing and Formats   

        Tue 3/28, 11am-12pm

        Tue 4/4, 11am-12pm  

        Unit 5  

          Documentation and Metadata 

        Tue 4/11, 11am-12pm

        Tue 4/18, 11am-12pm 

        Unit 6

          Analysis and Visualization 

        Tue 4/25, 11am-12pm


        Unit 7 

          Data Publishing 

        Tue 5/2, 11am-12pm


        Closing reception   TBD  

        Registration for the Spring 2023 program will open November 2022.
        Please check back in the late Fall of 2022 for more information.

        Organized by Princeton University Library’s Princeton Research Data Service, Princeton Institute for Computational Science and Engineering, and OIT Research Computing.